CCFG Investment Fund, LLC

3(c)(1) fund

The Privilege Plan

Long-term returns for passive investors.

12% – 15% Yield


Thank you for another great quarter. I have a couple friends who will be interested in this.

13+%. How fortunate I am to be on board. I sent your information to my friend/co-investor.

Looking for a new means of generating even greater returns, CCFG President, Craig Cecilio, saw opportunity in a unique service that would be exclusive to prominent investors. Given CCFG’s solid performance in Individual Syndication, he spearheaded the launch of the firm’s real estate fund, CCFG Investment Fund, LLC, called The Privilege Plan. Only accessible to accredited investors who meet a set of eligibility criteria, The Privilege Plan is a long-term investment that projects to produce an exceptional yield.

Craig feels so strongly about the potential of this plan, he invested $400,000 of his own money for its initial operation. His goal is to build the plan’s capital to a level that will enable CCFG to expand its investments to joint ventures and larger projects. A dynamic allocation of assets allows for maximum exposure to high-return opportunities, including debt financing, mezzanine financing, equity, notes and transactional funding.