Real Estate Crowdfunding

We provide capital. You promptly capitalize.

8% – 10% Yield

For investors who prefer to invest on a project-by-project basis, DiversyFund, powered by CCFG Investments, offers Individual Real Estate Syndication services through crowdfunding. First, we identify low- to moderate-risk real estate investments that fit our profile as a profitable opportunity for both borrowers and investors. Every prospective project is then carefully analyzed and scrutinized to ensure that only the highest-quality opportunities are funded.

Once we’ve approved a project, it becomes available to our Investors. Upon lending capital, they earn a return on their investment over a period as short as six months.

Real Estate Crowdfunding may be your ideal option if you are looking for:

    • A rapid return on your investment
    • A consistent, low-risk investment
    • Flexibility to free up your funds for the future
    • A history of high performance

On the subject of high performance, CCFG Investments makes its investment history readily available. Below is a breakdown of our performance and projected returns.