Frequently Asked Questions
The Privilege Plan

1. I live out of state; can I still invest in the fund?

Yes you can still invest in the fund, but depending on the state you reside in, you undergo different filing requirements.

2. My net worth is only $1,000,000, what do I qualify for? According to your 10% rule, I can only invest $100,000.00.

Yes, our minimum purchase price is $50,000. You would be provided 4 Units based on increments of $25,000 each.

3. Can you clarify and explain in detail why your Fund prospectus says you’re new but you have been in business for 15 years?

CCFG Investments has been conducting debt, mezzanine, and equity real estate investments since inception, but for separately managed clients. The Fund allows us to diversify our portfolio and invest in other valued investments that might be excluded to an individual investor. The portfolio also allows diversification, higher returns, and lower risk.

4. Tell me more about your business, do you have employees, partners, financials. You mentioned that you have owned the business since 2004, is that correct? Do you have an office?

Yes, CCFG Investments was founded in 2004 by Craig Cecilio. The office is located on 600 West Broadway #1420, San Diego, CA 92101. Our office currently employs 5 people that work under Mr. Cecilio. With regard to our financials, it can be provided upon request.

5. You use the word Projects a lot in the offering, can you clarify? You also use the word project manager, can you clarify.

The word Project is synonymous with the word Investments. We will be investing in a diversified portfolio consisting of debt, mezzanine, and equity real estate investments. Our principal objective is to maximize shareholder wealth.

6. Do you plan to have a loss reserve account for legal fees or foreclosures or any unexpected costs? If so, how much will it be?

We will be establishing a loss reserve of 0.5%.

7. What expenses am I responsible for as an investor/shareholder? It does not specify?

Because you are a limited liability partner, you are not liable for any additional expenses other than your capital investment.

8. I understand that there are other fees associated with selling real estate and originating loans? Who keeps those fees? Does the fund? Is there a maximum amount charged?

Manager and its affiliates receive compensation from those fees. An originating loan fee covers the commissions and office expenses incurred by CCFG Investments and its affiliates. The fund may keep these fees from time to time to offset any deferred interest and discounted interest offered to borrowers.

The manager has first right of any refusal to list and receive commissions on properties acquired and sold. However, the Manager’s primary business is not acting as a real estate broker and most likely will need to allow referring agents to represent the Fund to gain access to distressed properties.

9. What is my expected rate of return?

Your preferred return will be 8.5%. Your expected rate of return will range between 12% – 18%.