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Craig Cecilio Real Estate

Craig Cecilio

Founder & President

Craig Cecilio is the Founder and President of CCFG Investments, a privately held asset management company specializing in a wide spectrum of real estate investment projects. Over the past decade, CCFG has gained a strong foothold in the Southern California marketplace by consistently delivering positive results for its shareholders. In fact, over 90% of CCFG’s clientele are repeat investors. In 2013, CCFG has invested over $25 million with a steady increase in returns. Mr. Cecilio currently serves as the President and Fund Manager for CCFG Investment Fund, LLC.

Mr. Cecilio’s deep rooted relationships with industry professionals, his knowledge and experience, as well as adaptiveness to the ever-changing real estate market, has positioned him as a trusted advisor to many private and institutional investors, and real estate developers.

A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder, Craig moved to San Diego in 1997. Craig’s passion for finance and real estate led him to leave a successful career in the health and fitness industry to pursue opportunities in financing and real estate development, and investment projects in Southern California.

For a period of 4 years, Craig proudly served as a Board Member of “A Reason to Survive” (ARTS), a nationally recognized organization that believes in the power of the arts and creativity to literally transform lives – especially those of kids.