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Craig Cecilio

Founder & President

Founded in 2004 by Craig Cecilio, CCFG Investments is a privately held asset management company specializing in a wide spectrum of real estate projects. Over the past decade, our firm has gained a strong foothold in the California marketplace by consistently delivering positive results for our shareholders. In fact, over 90% of our clientele are repeat investors. In 2013, CCFG invested over $27 million with a steady increase in returns… you’d have a hard time finding double-digit returns, similar to what is produced by CCFG, in other forms of investments. CCFG is an ideal partner to help boost your bottom line. CCFG is…


We underwrite every aspect of the loan measuring the known risk and identifying any potential unknown risk in the transaction before we price the return to our investors. All of our transactions are underwritten, 100% transparent and accurately reported. We only align our business with investors and managers who meet our stringent set of qualifications. Our focus is on quality over quantity, ensuring that you gain exposure to the best opportunities and superior customer service.


With a decade of service to California’s investor community, CCFG has established a reputation as a responsible and reliable partner. Mr. Cecilio has been funding real estate investment projects for over a decade.


When it comes to investment firms, bigger isn’t always better. By operating with a core staff of experienced associates, CCFG is able to give you the highly personalized experience you desire. Plus, we are able to react rapidly to key market changes and take advantage of creative strategies that large firms simply can’t execute.


In today’s challenging financial landscape, maximizing return takes creativity. Sometimes we achieve this through economies of scale. Other times, working with a vast network of industry experts pays dividends. We deliver quality debt investments secured by real estate and always seek innovative ways to put more money in your portfolio.